Whether golfing, dining or enjoying refreshments on the patio, our guests wear comfortable and tasteful golf attire. Inappropriate attire includes blue jeans, cut-offs, cargo pants, sweat pants, athletic shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, sweatshirts, halter tops, fishnet tops and shorts ending more than four inches above the knees.

Food & Beverages

As they are at many courses, the sale and consumption of food and beverages at Manitou Passage are regulated. Guests should leave coolers and all food and beverages at home or in their vehicles. Food and beverages are available in the clubhouse and from the beverage cart. There are coolers on the carts.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are sold in the clubhouse and on the beverage cart.  Such beverages will not be sold to guests who appear to be intoxicated. If the behavior of a guest who appears to be intoxicated is offensive, he or she will be asked to leave without refund.


Due to steep and long paths between holes, golf carts are required for all golfers. Two people and two sets of clubs are required per cart. If you need an additional cart for a rider, the cost will be $25.

The carts are GPS controlled, will sometimes slow to a speed deemed safe, and will prevent driving too close to greens, in traps, in native grasses and in parking lots. Cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

Guests assume responsibility for carts while in their possession.


Each player is required to have his or her own set of clubs. To accommodate guests without clubs, we rent full sets of high quality clubs.

Pace of Play

An 18-hole round on our course should be completed in about four hours and 15 minutes. We ask that you monitor your speed and play against this standard. If you fall behind, your cart will notify a ranger who may, if you are way off pace, ask you to pick up the pace or move.

Rules of Play

USGA Rules of Golf govern all play except as modified by these local rules:

– Red and yellow stakes mark hazards

-White stakes and edges of roads mark out-of-bounds areas

Care of Course

To maximize the enjoyment of all, please:

-Replace all divots on tees and fairways with the divot and, if needed, sand.

-Rake all bunkers following play and leave the rake on the edge of the bunker.

-Remove all balls from cups with your hand, not a club.


Arrangements for group outings and tournaments with 16 or more players are made with a written agreement. To arrange, visit the golf shop.

Credit Cards

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Loss and / or Damage

Each individual playing the course as an individual or as a participant in an outing or tournament holds Hickory Sticks, LLC and its members harmless for damages to their person or property and for lost or stolen items. Each individual playing the course as an individual or as a participant in an outing or tournament is liable for damages to other guests and employees and for damage to property owned by Hickory Sticks, LLC and /or its neighbors.